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Arsenal at War

Story Highlights
  • Arsenal Football Club during World War I
  • Highbury stadium as an ARP center during WWII
  • Arsenal's performance in the London Combination League
  • Arsenal's League South 'A' title in 1939/40
  • Damage and repairs of Highbury stadium during WWII
  • Arsenal's resilience and commitment to football through wars
The Arsenal Football Club, despite the challenges of World War I and II, persevered in maintaining the spirit of competitive football. During WWI, they participated in the London Combination League and welcomed ‘guest’ players to fulfill their fixture obligations, a strategy that continued into WWII. In WWII, the club’s home ground, Highbury, served dual purposes. Tottenham used it for their ‘home’ games and converted it into an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) center. The stadium suffered significant damage from bombing raids in 1941, requiring extensive repairs before Arsenal could return after the war.

Arsenal Football Club during World War I!

Regardless of the adversities, Arsenal kept thriving competitively. In the 1939/40 season, they secured the League South ‘A’ title. In the following season, they competed in the League War Cup Final. They also dominated the London League in the 1941/42 season, scoring an impressive 108 goals in 30 matches.
Highbury stadium as an ARP center during WWII.

Arsenal’s ability to adapt and maintain competitive success amidst challenging times is a testament to the club’s resilience and commitment to football.

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