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Arsenal clinch a hat-trick of titles

Story Highlights
  • Herbert Chapman's legacy at Arsenal
  • George Allison's leadership in football
  • Arsenal's hat-trick of championships
  • Record crowd at Highbury in 1935
  • Ted Drake's scoring prowess
  • Arsenal's golden era in the 1930s
The decade of the 1930s was undoubtedly dominated by Arsenal, a testament to the transformative inspiration and innovation introduced by Herbert Chapman. After Chapman’s untimely demise in January 1934, the torch was passed onto George Allison, who continued Chapman’s legacy of greatness, turning Arsenal into the preeminent force in football. Allison assumed formal charge after the 1933/34 season when Arsenal had secured its second consecutive title. Allison’s leadership, in conjunction with Tom Whittaker’s and Joe Shaw’s coaching assistance, paved the way for Arsenal to complete a hat-trick of championships. This achievement underscored Arsenal’s formidable prowess, placing them among the select clubs that clinched the title three years in succession.

Arsenal’s hat-trick of championships!

The decisive victory for the third title came against Sunderland. Despite their stern challenge, Arsenal ended the season four points clear, cementing their dominance. An unforgettable moment of this campaign was the record crowd of 73,295 spectators that packed Highbury on March 9, 1935, to witness a 0-0 draw between the two title contenders.
Herbert Chapman’s legacy at

The 1934/35 season saw Arsenal’s old home ground, Highbury, become a fortress. Arsenal registered a slew of high-scoring victories, including 8-0 annihilations of Leicester and Middlesbrough, an 8-1 triumph over Liverpool, a 7-0 thrashing of Wolves, and a memorable 6-0 away win against Tottenham.
Record crowd at Highbury in 1935!
A significant contributor to Arsenal’s dazzling season was Ted Drake, who tormented opposition defenses with his scoring prowess. Drake’s 42 league goals still stand as an Arsenal record for a single season. His distinctive form and six other Arsenal players earned him a place in the England team that faced Italy at Highbury on November 14, 1934. This dominance of Arsenal in English football was evident as they completed their hat-trick of titles. Today, they remain one of only four clubs, alongside Huddersfield Town, Liverpool, and Manchester United, to have won the championship three years running, and this period of the 1930s truly encapsulated a golden era for Arsenal, marking a memorable chapter in the club’s illustrious history.

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