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Arsenal win their first league title

Story Highlights
  • Herbert Chapman's Arsenal management
  • 1931 Arsenal league title
  • Arsenal's first overseas player Gerry Keyser
  • George Male's Arsenal debut
  • Arsenal's 1930 FA Cup Final victory
  • Arsenal's high-scoring 1930/31 season
Ayear after their groundbreaking win in the 1930 FA Cup Final, Arsenal’s rise in English football continued as they clinched their first league title in 1931 under the management of Herbert Chapman. Notably, the victory was marked by the exceptional performance of their front line, featuring Jack Lambert, David Jack, and Cliff Bastin. These players demonstrated outstanding skills, scoring 97 goals between them. Additional contributions from Joe Hulme brought Arsenal’s total to a record 127 league goals in a single season. The team showcased exhilarating football, giving the fans many unforgettable moments. A notable highlight was their 9-1 victory over Grimsby Town, and they recorded several other high-scoring matches, including a 7-1 win against Blackpool, a 6-goal haul against Derby at Highbury, and a 7-2 triumph at Leicester.

1931 Arsenal league title!

Arsenal’s first league title marked a significant milestone, as it was the first time a team south of Birmingham had achieved this feat. This success was the precursor to a golden era for Arsenal, with the club winning five titles in eight seasons and firmly establishing themselves among the elite of English football.
Arsenal’s first overseas player Gerry Keyser”

The 1930/31 season also saw a significant development with the introduction of Arsenal’s first overseas player, Dutch goalkeeper Gerry Keyser, who played in the first 12 league matches. Additionally, George Male made his debut for Arsenal in a game against Blackpool, marking the beginning of a long association with the club until 1948.
Arsenal’s 1930 FA Cup Final
This season was punctuated with a particularly frenetic Christmas period, with Arsenal playing and winning three games in three days, scoring a remarkable total of 14 goals. Having broken their trophy drought with the FA Cup win a year earlier, the 1930/31 league title further proved Arsenal’s capacity for consistent excellence, solidifying their status in the annals of English football.

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